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Move Your Lee

With Rosie Bea

Hi I’m Rosie, I’m a 20 year old student from Oxford. Alongside my Youtube and blogging work I’m a full time student studying Fashion Design. I’ve always been a creative in everything I do which is why I love my job so much, it lets me express my passion to an audience whether thats hair, makeup or fashion related. Then through my studies I get to be really hands on developing my personal design style.
I was really excited to work with Lee as I live in Jeans! The ‘Move Your Lee’ campaign is such a great idea, no one wants to be restricted by their jeans.

When I’m working I’m moving on all different levels sometimes crouching on the floor or running to a lecture so my jeans have to keep up! The Scarlett fit is such a classic look that’s so easy to style. I like the fact that you can choose the right waist height to suit you.
Denim has always been a key part of my wardrobe from denim dresses to shorts, jackets the lot. I would say I wear an item of denim every other day or even every day. It’s always worth investing in good denim items as they could last a lifetime.

My typical week consists of technical workshops or lectures at Uni, generally with Wednesdays off to catch up on sketchbook work, this is also when I will do a food shop. Sometimes we decide to go out in the evening on a Tuesday or Thursday and my outfit usually consists of ‘Jeans and a nice top’… classic white girl.
My source of inspiration has always been from past eras in fashion, especially the 60s and 70s. I like to have a hint to vintage style to keep things a little different from the trends. Pinterest is the place I run to for an instant source of inspiration. Films and TV can also spark ideas for me. I recently watched a few old Brigitte Bardot films and her style was so classy and simple.

It’s quite easy for me not to have a set daily routine as my Uni timetable changes slightly every week, deadlines come in for videos to be filmed or I’ve decided to go home so my work has to be finished quicker. I’m also enjoying living life for the moment and not always taking it too seriously, living with my friends this year we like to do spur of the moment activities which is perfect for switching my brain out of work mode.

It’s always worth investing in good denim items as they could last a lifetime.

The thing that makes me different from other influencers has always been my hair. It’s actually surprisingly hard to style red hair and I’ve had some awful fashion faux pas in the past. Colours are the main issue in clothing that I have to be careful with, which is probably why I like denim so much as blue is a good complimentary colour for red hair. I also don’t have a set fashion style at all, I generally dress in whatever I like and that may be something completely different every day. I guess I try and keep things real with fashion, dressing for comfort but with style.

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