Move Your Lee

With Julien Duquaire

Say hello to Julien Duquaire, the 27-year-old model, photographer and triathlete who can not only whip up his own strawberry tarts due to his pastry chef training but is also a father to some seriously cute cats. Based in Bordeaux, he has a keen love of travel and experiencing different cultures – the result is an Instagram feed that is sure to give you an incurable case of wanderlust.

With interests extending way beyond the world of fashion he is always on the go, so who better to chat about our Move Your Lee campaign with.

Because Julien is always on the move – whether he’s on his bike, running, or even trekking up a mountain in some beautiful part of the world – we were keen to show off Rider to him. One of our proudest inventions, our modern slim cut hits that sweet spot between slim and relaxed, they offer real physical freedom.

Which is something that is vitally important to someone with such an active lifestyle and Julien loved the way that Rider jeans are so well cut, yet comfortable enough to wear on one of his many adventures. But while exploring the collection he found that it’s not just Lee’s denim that he’s into.

“What I love about Move Your Lee is the emphasis on modern men & women. Lee understood that today man is led to be in perpetual movement, to reconcile professional life, family, sport, friends…”

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